Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Role models… or just a rack of Bones????

Honestly what is going on in their mind looking like this? First of all they shouldn't’t be even classed as role models. What exactly are they trying to prove and more importantly to who. People like her need help, and should never be all over the TV. The new supposed ban on having skinny models on catwalk is defiantly a good idea. However the main concern is that implanting the ban is another matter, which probably go on for years. There has been much news coverage over the matter of theses supposed ”models”. It all arose concern when two young Argentinean models died from anorexia. There needs to be more publicity about this disease to educate young girls that skinny is unhealthy.

Have a look at the BBC news coverage over the campaign to ban these models of the catwalk.

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