Thursday, 10 May 2007

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What is your degree subject (both if joint)
Social Welfare Law and Social Policy

Does ‘Being Bad’ relate well to the other modules you are taking

If so, how? And if not, why not?
Social policy deals with people’s attitudes throughout society.

Have you found ‘Being Bad’ too demanding, too easy, or at an appropriate level?
I think it is appropriate, as the level of work involve fits in well with the amount of work needed from other modules.

Do you think the list of topics covered on the module was appropriate?
Yes, it’s appropriate to today’s society and the theme of the module.

Are there any topics not included in the module that you would like to see included?
I think something more light such as “what do you think about “CHAVS”? That will be funny.

Do you think that the format for classes has worked well?

What did you think of the module team?
Well-organised lectures and presentations.

Do you think it would have been better to have had more:
Small group discussions?
Discussion and debate among the class as a whole?
Information and talk from lecturers?
I think if we had smaller seminar groups to discuss the lecture would be good.

The approach taken in the module is interdisciplinary (drawing on perspectives from English Literature, Film Studies, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Media Studies and Politics): do you think this a useful way of approaching the topics covered in the module?

Do you think that interdisciplinary modules are a good idea?

Do you think you have benefited from the interdisciplinary approach taken in the module?
Yes, you have more understanding about the society we live in.

Would you like to see more modules that cover this kind of subject matter?
Yes defiantly as the module gives you an incite of how people think, other than just taking notes.

Are you planning to take the follow-up module PH2004 ‘It Shouldn’t Be Allowed’ at level 2?

Would you recommend ‘Being Bad’ to a friend?

Do you think that the blogs (web logs) were a good idea?
Yes, it allows you to express your thoughts and feelings, which wouldn’t be able to do in a essay.
What did you think of the other assessments (e.g. would it be better to have one longer assessment rather than two shorter ones?)?

I think having 2 assignments in different concepts is better than having 1. As again allows to express your views. Also some students may excel in an assignment such as a essay, and some students may excel in creative piece.

What have you learned from the module?
I have learned much more about peoples feelings and thoughts on topics that are not normally covered in a social situation.

What parts of the module have you found most useful and why?
Found all parts of the module I found was useful.

What parts do you think were a waste of time and why?

Are there any other comments you wish to make regarding ‘Being Bad’?

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