Sunday, 29 April 2007

Swearing !!!!!

I think swearing is defiantly a bad thing. The question that can be put to people is why swear. There are so many other words that you could use to express your feelings. However many may argue what is the big deal with swearing, its only words. I personally think this country gone completely mad over trying to cover up “bad” language, on the TV. If you take Holland for example, bad language is displayed everywhere on daytime TV. Well its puzzled me as they’re not making a fuss about it.

The site below is really interesting, it gives you the origins of some “bad” words it also gives you information on where they were first used and why they are found offensive.

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Sharni said...

I share the same frame of mind, about swearing. However I think it’s fair to say, those that do swear are often the ones who’s household, allows such words to be exercised. And now within today’s society, it’s not just be used in the presence of ones home, but also in school and society… It’s true, there are more appropriate words to use, but when one only knows how to do so using swear words, what do you expect. I can recall the days when parents would threaten to wash your mouth out with soap and water for “swearing”, now it’s a common expectation... Where have the boundaries gone? We best not go any furthers………….One may argue its there freedom of expression and we wouldn’t want to violate anyone’s human rights now.