Friday, 27 April 2007

Bad Manners!!!

Well I hate people who have no manners. You know the type when you are in town minding your own business and then some fool comes and walks literally into you. And then nearly knocks you flying. What first comes to mind is ooowwwww that hurt. And then hello couldn't you see me i was just walking there, are you Blind?. However then walks off and looks back.. but yep you guessed it no apology. That's probably one of many things i encounter which isn't rare. Okay i have to say it, but before i do i have nothing against them, but this really ticks me off, grannies and shopping don't mix at all, don't you think? I don't understand what the big deal is to stay on one side a walk like a normal person. This is especially seen often in supermarkets. then if that wasn't enough they trample you with the trolley again without a apology. This is a true story it happened to me about a month ago 3 times in one day.
Well i think this is a really useful site, its a guide to children as well as adults on good manners. And how to socially respond. Well i think adults especially should a take a look at this, as they are influencing the children so much.

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