Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Many people associate drug addicts with criminal tendencies, or from broken families. Although there are many addicts that have these backgrounds. There are growing trend with well-educated and fit people who turn to drugs as a relief from their daily stress. Once people are taking drugs, it’s very difficult to get off them. It can be difficult to resist the craving and strong psychological dependence.

The common effects of drugs,

Taking drugs such as cocaine makes users feel on top of the world. Its effect is like the stimulant ‘amphetamines’ (speed) but is stronger and doesn't last as long. People taking it feel wide-awake, confident.
Cocaine is a stimulant, so it can raise the body’s temperature, make the heart beat faster and stave off feelings of hunger.
The effects of crack smoking are virtually immediate, peaking for about two minutes and lasting for only about 10 minutes.

This site gives you a incite to the effects of drugs. also give you advise and help if you are suffering from drug addiction.

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