Monday, 2 April 2007

Body Modification

The term ‘body modification’ means changing the body in different ways from its original form.
There are two main types of body modification. These can include piercing and tattoos.
1, Non Invasive practices- this does not effect the body’s structure in any way, and usually effect the body’s surface.
2, Invasive Practices-This effects the body structurally permanently or temporally. This is achieved by adding or removing something from the body.
Body modification can be further categorised by-
Temporary Decorations- Which last for a short period of time, and has no direct effect on the body.
Permanent Decorations- These are known to have a permanent alteration to the body.

There can be many different explanations why people choose to have their body ‘modified’. The most common reasons include-

Artistic reasons- to make one feel and look more attractive.
Religious Reasons- a physical feature to let people know they belong to the religion, and also religious groups may ask for a tattoo to be accepted.
Member of a group- a body modification can be made, so they are associated with being in a group, and also belong to a group.
Fashion- many may modify their body so they can be associated with being ‘with the crowd’ (that could also be a negative factor, as many may not want a piercing or a tattoo).
Rebellion- body modification can be made so that one can live on the edge of society, and draw away from what society find socially acceptable.
To Find out what Body Modification consists of, and the extreme depths people go to change their image. go to the web page below

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