Tuesday, 6 March 2007


What exactly is adultery?

Annette Lawson writes 'adultery can be a relationship where one or the other partner gains real power' This could also mean that one partner has the power to do whatever he or she wants in that particular relationship.

Adultery is a combination of factors such as -

1, Lying, Which is very common in a easy relationship. Lies can often become bigger as the better you get at is less likely you are to get caught.

2, Scheming plans against the partner which is also linked to lying.

3, Knowing your partners weaknesses and using that against them. Is a common factor as schemer would do anything to 'get rid' of their partner.

4, Taking Risks, and knowing that there is a chance that you may get caught by you partner, however the risk taker is confident enough to risk the chance of getting caught.

The above site, gives a look at the first signs of adultery. And to see if your partner is having an affair.

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