Wednesday, 21 February 2007


Smokers can be categorised into four area:-

1. Those who smoke regularly.
2. Those who smoke Occasionally .
3. Those smoke, but have successfully given up.
4. Those who have never smoked.

However it can be said many smokers may not fit in one particular category, but may clash and fit into two categories. Such individuals may include people who have had a smoke of one cigarette to 'try' what it was like but do not smoke at all, which many young adults would describe their smoking experience.

Their are many anti smoking website organisations that are willing to help individuals who are 'addicted' to smoking.

This particular site is from the NHS that try a 'shock effect' to the patients to persuade them to quit smoking.

This particular site focuses more on the health problems that are associated with smoking and and gives more statical information to associate with.

This particular site is a pro-smoking web site that gives different viwes on the reasons why smoking is acceptable. Also informs us on up to date information on how to become more of a pro-smoker.

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